• 1996 - the “birth” of Valrom Industry;
• 1998 - defining the responsibilities and the internal documents’ trace;
• 1998 - obtaining the BUREAU VERITAS QUALITY INTERNATIONAL certificate for quality management (SMC); this is the best proof of our interest towards the improvement of internal activities;
• 1999 - building an efficient dealing network; opening the two shops in Bucharest;
• 2000 - opening the saleshops from Bacau and Timisoara;
• 2000 - the beginning of a national dealer network. Valrom has saleshops in Pitesti, Sibiu, Constanta, Oltenita, Urziceni and Brasov;
• 2002 - opening the two saleshops from Craiova and Ploiesti;
• 2003, March - the opening of rotomoulding section, used for manufacturing high capacity water tanks, tanks with other applicabilities and road stiles;
• the end of 2003 - the reconfirmation of SMC certificate by BUREAU VERITAS QUALITY INTERNATIONALand the gain of quality management standard 2000 version;
• 2004 - the beginning of heating equipment sales; the opening of a special service shop for these products;
• 2004, May - obtaining the ISCIR certificate, that gives the authority to assembly, maintain and repair heating equipments;
• 2004 - the opening of Constanta shop;
• 2004, the second semester - the beginning of PP fitting production;
• 2005 - the opening of Cluj-Napoca shop; the beginning of clearin station and inspection chamber production;
• 2006 - preparing the opening of Brasov and Oradea shops;
• 2007 - preparing the opening of the Ludus factory; the opening of Pantelimon-Bucharest factory.


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