Our values

Valrom is extremely interested in following the company’s values:


Quality with every product


The quality is the main aspect on the path of reaching success. Valrom has established an efficient system of quality management, according to one of the most important technical standard: ISO 9001.

We like to pay attention to our clients’ demands. We put into practice professional discipline, qualified services, following deadlines, offering efficient solutions, anticipating every possible problem.

The quality is reflected in every single activity: acquisition, manufacturing, quality supervising, products’ selling and services.

The quality principles are also applied to our suppliers, this attitude giving us the leading position on plumbing market.

The ability of discovering and renewing things is one of our best advantages. We seek for new technological processes, revolutionary designing and various possibilities of using our products. We applaud efficient breakthroughs and their inventiveness in delivering the right message to clients.

What do we want? Nothing more than an efficient manufacturing way and quality improvement.


Strong, willing team


Success can be reached by thinking, planning and acting together. Everything is important to us. No detail is left aside. Our policy is based on truth and understanding of the individual role for general benefits.

Valrom is a space of freedom of mind and speech between company’s levels. The first steps towards success are the willing of encouraging new ideas and offering the right support.


Respect and results for clients, collegues, society and environment


Environmental protection is not an empty statement for us. We want to preserve a healthy environment by manufacturing ecological lifetime products. Valrom acts in the spirit of European Union recycling management, trying to find new methods of efficient resource usage, of eliminating chemical substances and promoting nonpolluting cars.


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