Utilities - aquaClean system

aquaClean system
Represents a complete system, used for precleaning and clearing seedy domestic waters, when the end user does not have sewage centralized system.

aquaClean SBR5/8 LE
aquaClean SBR13/20 LE
STATIE EPURARE SBR13/20 LE Q=2,4 mc/zi
aquaClean 54/100 LE
UNITATE EPURARE 54/100 LE Qmax=15 mc/zi
aquaClean 101/125 LE
UNITATE EPURARE 101/125 LE Qmax=19 mc/zi
aquaClean >150LE
STATIE EPURARE pentru mai mult de 150 LE
aquaClean SBR 9/12 LE
aquaClean CAP4
Clearing seedy domestic station for 1-4 end users
aquaClean SBR16
Clearing seedy domestic station for 10-16 end users
aquaClean SBR53 Classic Z
Clearing seedy domestic station for 16-53 end users
aquaClean SBR53 Gastro
Clearing seedy water station for restaurants, hotels, motels and food
Greese separators
Hydrocarbon separators


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